Social media in the home selling process

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Social Media is a fairly new marketing tactic when selling a home. Only in the past few years have people realized the sheer power that social media has to drive people to making decisions. While not everyone will utilize social media to their advantage it can greatly boost the number of potential buyers who see the property. This is done by engaging the audience which will cause them to comment, like and share the listing. Below I will explain how this can help you sell your home.
Engaging the Audience
Social media isn’t only about posting as many times as possible or just putting up an article. What really drives people is engaging them in your material and making them respond in some positive way. Before you can engage your social media audience you need to ensure that you have an audience who will want to hear about what you are posting about. For instance, an agent who posts almost solely about real estate on his or her social media platforms has probably generated an audience who are interested in real estate. Your audience has to want to listen to what you have to say before you start posting about a subject.
Comments, Likes and Shares
Once you have engaged your audience they will comment, like and share the post with your home on it. This can cause exponential exposure because each action shares the post with all of their friends and family and if any of them like it the post will continue to get more views. Sometimes, people will see the listing and tell their friends or family who may be looking and then you have a home buying lead. Social media is a great first step to showing your home to a targeted audience quickly.
Allow your real estate agent to use his or her followers to generate interest in your home as early as possible. A targeted audience is essential because, if done correctly, social media can help increase the popularity of your home and help drive buyers to see your home.

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