Video footage when selling your home

Why Video?
Video is changing the way people process information on the internet. Video engages your target audience and has some incredible statistics behind how much more powerful a video is than text and photos. Currently video's are the most powerful way to market and get exposure for your property.

Video when selling your home

Selling your home
In today's current marketing environment you want a real estate agent who will put your property at the forefront of viewers. Video is absolutely necessary when you are selling a home and if video is not included in what you are being pitched on you may want to inquire to see if he or she can include that. The statistics are staggering showing that the likelihood that someones views a video over writing and pictures is 1200% greater. You need video when selling your home. The major benefits are exposure and a greater understanding of the space so that the people who come to see your home are more qualified than if they can only see pictures. View the video below to see an example of a marketing video that will be used to increase interest in your home.