Concerning inspection results

Always consult an inspector when deciding on how to act with the results of an inspection. That being said, it is always good to be educated about what the results may mean and when to be calm or when to be concerned. Inspection reports always give results that make the buyer concerned about buying their new home but many times the issues are actually minimal and shouldn't worry you too much. So, what should you be concerned about:

Concerning Inspection Results

Inspectors may see indications of mold on the walls or on the floors. Sometimes this can be a false alarm but it can also be a very concerning sign that can be pretty scary to a buyer. The issue with indications of mold is that, in order to find out what is actually happening, you need to hire a professional mold inspector to come in and check behind a wall or under the floor. This can be costly and the seller may not want to do this because it involves damaging the home they are trying to sell. Many times the safer option is to back out of the deal or ask the seller to have the inspection done or you won't buy the home. Mold is one of the most concerning finds in an inspection report but always consult your inspector to find out what next steps should be taken in order to protect yourself.

Foundation Damage
When you are buying a single family home your inspector will go into the basement or under the house to inspect the foundation. As with all of these potential concerns always look to a licensed professional in the area of concern in the home. The reason foundation damage can be a concern is because the full details of the damage can be hidden and the cost of repair can be immense. If you see this in your inspection report you will want to speak with your REALTOR about how to negotiate to get the seller to pay for the full inspection and repairs if they are necessary. Remember that, if your inspector found the problem with the foundation then, likely, another inspector will find the same problem and the seller will be in the same position as they are now. You may be in a position of leverage over the seller and can get them to do the costly part of the inspection.

Serious Electrical Concern
There are many fantastic contractor out there who do fantastic jobs but sometimes people decide that they can do the work a licensed contractor should be doing. Electrical work is complicated and dangerous. If your inspectors report indicated that there is a serious concern with the condition of the electrical work in the unit or building you may need to look into further consultation. If done incorrectly electrical work can be dangerous and costly so look for further guidance before moving forward.

Inspections reports always have many line items listed. The best guidance is to ask your inspector if the concern is serious or needs further inspection before moving forward. Inspectors will understand when to have concern or when items are normal.