Photos and videos when selling your home

Photographs and video are the two types of media that will be used to help sell your home. If you are planning on staging your home make sure to have that completed before you get your photos and video taken.

Camera Photo

Photos are absolutely essential in the home selling process. Most marketing material will include photos of your home so it’s very important to make sure that they are done professionally. Photographers use angles and light to get the most out of how your home shows to the people who will see it online and in print marketing. Never allow your agent to take photographs using their phone because the quality is low and will detract buyers from seeing your home in person.
Video can be used on the MLS following the photographs and will be used to enhance the online experience of potential buyers. A video allows the buyer to see the full layout of the home and typically will increase the number of serious buyers that are brought through the property. Pictures allow the buyer to see the home but sometimes it is difficult to connect one picture to another. While not essential video can help speed up the home selling process.
The most important note from the above message is to have a professional do these services for you. No matter how nice your home is, amateur photo and video generally looks poor and can detract from the number of people who will be interested.


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