Types of staging to help sell your home

Staging is not always necessary but can be hugely helpful when selling your home. A professional will come through your home and help make the flow appeal to as many people as possible. Staging is paid for by the seller so make sure that it fits your budget before committing to it. Consult your REALTOR to decide what type of staging you should use in your home selling process. The four types of staging to use when selling your home are REALTOR advice, consultation staging, partial staging, and full staging.

Real estate agents see homes every day. They get to see house of all different characteristics and traits and they also get to see how people have decorated those homes. If you don't feel like paying for staging would be beneficial to you, you can ask your agent if he or she can give you guidance on how to set up your furniture to get the most out of the home. There are some simple tips that can help your house appeal to a greater number of buyers and your REALTOR will often know many of them.

Consultation Staging
This form of staging is used to help you make the most of what you currently have in your home and show it off most effectively to potential buyers. During this process you will have an expert stager come through your home and relocate things to get a better flow. They may move your couch and your side tables to more effectively show off what living in your home can be like. Expect the stager to show you how to properly fold decorative blankets and how to fluff pillows properly. You may expect he or she to go through your closet and ask you to store certain clothes to make your closet appear larger. You may even be asked to store some items that are causing clutter in your home. Everything that will be suggested should be taken seriously and you should mimic what they do before each and every showing. 
Partial Staging
Partial staging includes all of the consultation staging plus more. Partial staging is done when you have good furniture throughout most of your property but may need some additional pieces in your home to spruce it up a bit. Each piece that you use in your home will help showcase your property better than what you currently have. For this process a stager will come through your home and suggest pieces and then offer a quote based on the entire list. Some items you may see suggested for a partial stage are things like artwork, drapes, side tables and decorative furniture. Partial staging will allow you to use most of what you have and really improve how your homes feel to potential buyers.
Full Staging
Full staging is done when the owner has moved from the home already or has very little furniture in the property. With a full stage the stager will come in and can completely envision how to best layout your home so that buyers feel the most comfortable when they look. Your home will be a blank slate and will allow the stager to completely dictate the flow of the home. Although expensive this form of staging is very effective in showing the potential buyers what their home can be like if they buy it.
Staging isn’t always required but it can be very useful in helping you sell your home. Always consider staging as an option and try not to be offended if your agent suggests staging your home. Remember you are employing your agent to advise you and guide you how to best sell your home for the highest price.

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