Steps to selling your home

As with any large step in life, research is a good way to start when contemplating selling your home. Check the competition in the area, the current market and what REALTORS may be a good fit for you. Look for agents in your area who have good reviews and positive feedback. 

Once you have decided to bring an agent in, he or she should look at your home to assess value. Your agent should be able to help you with pricing your home accurately based on its attributes and your areas current market. You should hire your agent based upon their industry knowledge, personality and sales skills. 

In the broadest definition possible, staging is preparing your home to be shown to buyers. Staging can vary from free layout advice to the expense of bringing in new furniture. Most listings require some form of staging, and your REALTOR can help you determine what your home needs to be ready to go to market. After staging is completed, your home will be ready for photographs, videos and showings. 

Photos and Videos
Photographs will be used in all marketing material and are necessary to helping you sell your home. While not always necessary, video can also be used to create a virtual tour of your home. Professional photographers know which angles to shoot to increase the appeal and will be able to showcase your home in the best light possible. 

Marketing is one of the most important steps to selling a home. Proper marketing allows more buyers to view your home which will increase your chances of the right buyer finding your listing. Every REALTOR should put your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Your MLS listing will include details about your home and photographs. Once your home is on the MLS, your listing is considered “live” and other agents and potential buyers will be able to see it on various real estate websites. The same photos and video that are used in the MLS will help on social media as well. Agents can also utilize their internal and social networks by sharing your listing with their coworkers, colleagues and followers to bring the right buyer into your home. A full marketing strategy will increase the chance that your home is sold quickly.

Open House
Open houses are held once once your listing is live. An open house will bring potential buyers by to see your home and allows interested people who saw the property’s marketing material to view the home in person. A successful open house can lead to offers or additional private showings.

Private Showings
Private showings may be done at any time and are great opportunities for your agent to help produce offers. Private showings give your agent the chance to show off the features of your house in a more personal way than can be done at an open house. Private showings can also help your agent learn about potential buyer concerns which can be addressed by you and your REALTOR. 

Offer Evaluation
Offers may come in at any time once your property is on the market. Once an offer has been received, your agent should guide you in negotiating to get the best price for you home. Negotiations vary during every deal but an agent can educate you about where to push for more and what to accept. If you have multiple offers your REALTOR can help you compare aspects of each offer including finance, terms and purchase price. Your REALTOR can help you get the most from your home during this step.

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