Should You Rent or Buy?

Buying isn't always the right move. Use these items to decide if it is the right time to buy your new home.

How to Properly Improve Your Home

This article details how to get the most out of your home improvements. 

Rental Investment Properties

This article details three benefits to buying a property for rental purposes.

Social Media in the Home Selling Process

How can social media help you sell your home? Find out here.

Listing Your Home on the MLS

The MLS is a tool that all agents use to get your listings huge exposure. This article details why it is important for you to have your home on the MLS.

Photos and Videos when Selling Your Home

This article details the importance of photos and the benefits of adding video to your marketing plan. 

Types of Staging to Help Sell Your Home

Learn about the four types of staging that can help you increase the appeal of your home. This is important to understand what options you have available. 

Interviewing Your REALTOR

Three steps about how to get the most out of your interview with your prospective REALTOR. Interview the agent you bring in based on these items to find the best working relationship for you.

Steps to Sell Your Home

This article details the process, from start to finish, of selling your home. You will get a better understanding of what a REALTOR does when selling your home.

How Can Refinancing Help You?

This article details 3 scenarios in which refinancing can be a positive choice. 

Questions to ask when your REALTOR is not at the showing in an HOA

Sometimes your REALTOR won't be able to make it to a showing with you. Make sure you understand what to ask when he or she is not present.

Neighborhood Watch: Lincoln Park, Chicago

Lincoln Park is one of Chicago's premier neighborhoods. Understand what life is like to a resident on a day to day basis.

Understanding HOA's and How They Work

Be prepared for expectations of an HOA if you buy into one. Many home in Chicago are part of an HOA. This article explains what to expect once you own in this type of building.

What does contingency mean in a home sale transaction?

Contingency is a common word but not everyone knows what it means. This article explains what contingent means and gives common examples of contingencies included in many contracts.

The Inspection

The inspection is a very important step in buying a home. Prepare for your home buying process by learning about this important step!

Tips for selling your home

If you're looking to sell your home these three tips can help you improve your success rate. Find out how to put yourself in the drivers seat of your transaction!

Mortgages: more than you think!

A detailed article about what is included in a mortgage. It's more than you think!

Buying? Get your ducks in a row!

Looking to buy a home? This article details the steps you should take before getting out onto the streets. Follow these steps for the best chance of success!

Fed Up With It!

A look at how The Federal Reserve affects our home buying and selling process. This post reviews the details in why The Fed is important.